Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Later that same day...

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This is actually the same character you saw a couple of days ago -- but blond. And it looks like the plot is thickening here. It's a mystery ... it's all about that dagger. Is it the murder weapon? Has some rite of alchemy been worked on it, which makes it find targets on its own? You remember that dagger from The Shadow --? 

Basically, I was very pleased with the character design on this figure, and I wanted to use it again, do something more with this guy. These pieces are quite complex, with a couple of dozen lights and masses of textures on everything. the props are a wild mixture of items from DM's sets (find them at Renderosity) and the brazier is from the Mage's Study (also Renderosity), and the big urn is from The Old Patio (I could be wrong, but I think this one came from DAZ).

The costume is the kirtle from The Wood God (from DAZ), with textures changed --

And if you'd be interested in seeing a little more of this character, well ... I re-rendered these shots with the kirtle made of gossamer. In other words, it's insubstantial enough to have those other renders labelled "Serious Male Nudes!" And you're going to see "the little more" that counts, I guess. On the understanding that you knooooow you're heading into territory that'd give Auntie Maud a coronary -- here's your link. Don't blame me when you discover you can see right through the costume! You were warned, right? Right.

So here's the question. Do you prefer blond or brunette on this dude...

...and I'm having a hard time choosing. He looks a little bit more "sinister" as a brunette. You can see a guardian and protector there, when he's blond, but the dark one -- ooooh, yeah, he's trouble. 

I'll see if I can get back tomorrow with another post, before we vanish the next day. Roadtrip!

Jade, March 21

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