Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Thursday renders and packed bags

Just a couple of rather nice images (experiments; but they turned out well! View at full size to see the nuance ... nice, eh?) before I sign off and go finish packing. I'm going to vanish on you till Tuesday ... that roadtrip I've been mentioning once or twice. The bags are just about packed, and the road is calling. 

What am I experimenting with in these images?? Having exhausted the possibilities of what you can do with lighting, and the render engine in DAZ Studio, now I'm playing around with the skinmaps themselves, to see what you can squeeze out of them. Since you don't have the sub-surface scattering and the ambient occlusion to work with, you have to get up to every trick in the book. 

Suffice to say, I have a bunch more ideas, and as soon as we get back I'll be looking into them all. Then, it really is a question of having to install Poser Pro 2010 on my boot drive, and cross fingers that the computer will be okay with only around 25% of the drive left open ... on account of the fact the base figure models won't even install in Poser, if Poser ain't running off the boot drive. *sigh* And it turns out that Poser's own figures leave a lot to be desired. Understatement.

So -- see you next week with some nice images. And now? Bags. Packing. Yes!!!

Jade, March 22

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