Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pirates look delicious in the moonlight...

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It's not that I'm actually "on top of the job" and have time for artwork ... but I've managed to do something baaaad to my back. There's several jobs waiting, but they're going to have to wait a little bit longer, because I can't sit still in front of a computer for very long. So --

Pirate. A rendezvous in the moonlight. And I leave you to decide if he came to the bridge to meet a friend, foe or lover ... if this is a tryst or a business meet ... and if it's the girlfriend or the boyfriend he's here to meet. You call it! It's delicious, either way. How about if she were the foe and he were the lover? That'd be far enough out of the routine mold to make it interesting, and you can have a sword fight before you get to the kissyface part.

The skinmap and face morph are Yannis (from Renderosity) -- and those are the Yannis Rasta dreads, which I use a lot. You surely recognize them by now. The costume is the Leon costume from DAZ, but I changed every texture, which makes it look quite different. The standing props are from the AS Tortuga set (also from Renderosity), and quite a bit of post work was done in Photoshop. 

The backdrop is one I painted a few months ago for a piece called The Wood Goddess; it works well here, too. The bandanna is part of the hair prop; but the texture on it is ... well, it's my crochet purse! And I must say, it looks a treat on him. I made a bump map to give it some extra oomph, and it works well. Incidentally, on some of the textures, you'll have to see the images at much larger size than these thumbnails for them to become apparent. 

And now ... as promised ... the 12 Apostles:

The last two images: Cave Gardens in the heart of downtown Mount Gambier, and the trawler fleet heaving at their moorings at Carpenter Rocks. Just a few more pix from our trip last weekend. Ooooh, wouldn't I love to love down there? Not that it's going to happen, y'understand, but one can dream. Ye gods, it's April tomorrow! What happened to March??

Jade, March 31

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