Saturday, October 13, 2012

Wildlife Photography (as promised)

As promised, a look at my Australian Wildlife Photography,with just a few uploaded as images and the rest zipped into a slideshow. I know most of the visitors to this blog are looking for beautiful guys, art featuring same, and tips on how to produce said art, rather than anything remotely like this, so I'll keep it brief!

Here's the whole video...

...and I'll be back in a day or two with a "shoot" on a whole new character. A while ago I mentioned getting a new skinmap and costume. The skinmap is great, but the face morph that accompanies it, as delivered by the designer, does nothing for me. It looked much better in the brochure pictures at Renderosity than in renders at this end. So I plopped the skinmap onto Michael 4 and designed a face of my own around it: a mature guy, age about 38 - 44, with loads of character. I really like the results, and am in the process of doing a full sequence of images. They're just taking upwards of two hours each to render, even on The Mighty Thor, and even "just" as raytraces! Patience is a virtue.

Also, am writing the next segment of Abraxas, so I will be back, and soon!

Jade, October 13
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