Tuesday, September 20, 2016

DAZ's Michael stars in another fantasy book cover project

Hell bent on Revenge would be the title of this piece -- a fantasy book cover, as you can guess. The question is, can you guess which one?! Give it some thought ... you might actually have read it! Take the stone circle in the winter storm background as your clue...

This is "just" a raytrace with two distant lights, plus a backdrop that was painted separately, and then a hulluvalot of Photoshop painting over the top. I did send it to LuxRender to see how it would look there ... and for some reason Lux ignored virtually every texture on the costume and sword. verything dropped out, leaving just plastic bits behind. So odd. and quite nasty I could have done the textures over, in the Reality "bridge" interface, but the work would have consumed hours, what with the test renders. Fact is, I didn't have the time, so --

Back to a raytrace and Photoshop to the rescue!

I'd intended a luscious fantasy today, but didn't get the chance to get it done. Tomorrow. I'm about halfway through the first part of the book cover assignment, so I can afford to take a break. I'm actually ahead of the curve, time-wise, so ... something lush and extravagant next!
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