Sunday, September 25, 2016

Just the pictures. Honest.

Do I talk too much? It's been said ... it happens when one has a lot to say! But on the other hand, I've been seeing the sense of a "just the pictures" blog for some time. So --

-- here it is: the product of a flash of inspiration and a sloooow Sunday. No blather about when and where and how and why! Just the pictures, and plenty of them. I chucked fifty assorted pieces of art and photographs into the empty new template earlier. Next weekend I'll do another fifty ... and so on. A combination of the best art and photography, and none of the chatter.

Here's the address: JUST THE PICTURES ... enjoy!

I, uh, guess I should stop talking now. Just for a while. Before I start to blather about the fact I need to change the nib in my Wacom Bamboo (the virtual pen you "paint" with, in digital art), so I went to the place where my pare nibs are supposed to be, and ... they're gone. Utterly, totally gone. I'm very close to hamstrung without a new nib, and it's going to take days-to-weeks to get a pack, because Wacom Australia is OUT OF STOCK on the model I use, One could scream and chew the furniture, but one won't. Find a way to calm down and be creative and patient. Yes.
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