Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Touching base ... have been soooo ill!

Forgive me if I'm reposting some eye candy from long ago -- some of it eight years ago! I've been ill. Very. Anybody out there ever had gastro? The real, genuine version ...? Uh huh. Few times in the last week, I thought it would be easier and kinder just to roll over and die quietly! Anyway...

One doesn't get to make the decision in these cases, so there really was nothing for it but to lie there feeling like the living dead, and eventually get well! I suppose I'll live after all. So --

-- just reposting some images that haven't been seen in months and years. Easy to forget them! And I'll be posting fresh pictures as early as tomorrow. Ooooh, the images I have dancing in my mind's eye right now. Just need the time (and energy) to render and paint. Stay tuned ... and sorry for disappearing on you for ten days.
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