Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Barbarian Princess

Here's a companion piece to "Magic Happens," which was Post #500. It has just about the same level of complexity, it's just ... different! This piece is all about textures, opacity maps and reflections:

The only post work was the eyelight on the reptile and the sparkle on the forehead gem, both of which were done with a single airbrush zapp!! in GIMP...

The creature is the Dinokonda, which is a terrific critter, half anaconda, half dinosaur. You can adjust every knot in has spine, and he has a loooong back! Then you can play about with the horns, the jaws, the teeth -- he's a great prop to work with.

The dress is the Shadow Storm costume, but I changed the textures out and added an opacity map to turn it into filmy lace. Seen without the p\opacity map, it looks like so:

...which is a gorgeous costume, but it didn't have the barbarian flavor I wanted today! So...

Base model is Victoria 4.2
Skinmap is HR Donna
Hair is Nefis's Danyel
Finger and tone nails set to blood...
Costume is Shadow Storm, but --
Opacity map is set to make it filmy
The set is BRG Cloisters, but ...
The floor has been changed to glass-polished green marble
The throne is the winged chair from DM Kerrick's Throne, but...
The texture is changed to bronze, and ...
The prop is stretched in the x-axis.
Victoria is wearing one of DM's Sarina jewelry props*
The Dinokonda is pretty much stock, but ...
He's much glossier than the default.
The chandelier is from ADS The Wizard's study.

*The last place you saw the Sarina jewelry, the Russian ballet star was wearing the spike-collar necklace, about a week ago! This set was actually made for Victoria 3, but as you know, with a bit of a push and shove anything will actually fit anyone.

And speaking of the Wizard's Study, I just discovered that there's a secondary set of props! It's BOOKS! Big magic books, stacks of books, racks of them. I didn't even know these were there until about two hours ago. Must play with them soon.

That's all for today, folks. Am nursing a big headache (as usual, right?) so must go and take some pills. But --

I have what I think is fantastic idea for tomorrow's post. It just hit me between the eyeballs when I was finishing off this one ... it's one of those few times when you wish Blogger did emoticons, because there'd be a silly great smiley face grinning right here, if it did!

Join me tomorrow ... he he he!

Jade, April 6
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