Friday, April 22, 2011

We apologize for the interruption in normal services

We apologize for the interruption to normal services --

In other words, sorry guys, I'm going to have to bore you with my photography for a few days, for two reasons.

One: the computer has croaked. It starts up, it runs dog-slow, staggers around the edges of multiple crashes ... you can get a render, but you cannot save the render, so your work is like music. Stop playing it, and it goes away. Also, the problem is now so broad, when DAZ crashes, or semi-crashes and refuses to save a file, or save a render -- it causes the same error in all programs! So, sure, I can screencapture the render in Irfanview, but click on "save" in Irfanview and nothing happens. So, short of grabbing my camera and photographing the screen, I can't show show you any new work, and in fact, where's the point in doing more work, when you can't save it?! So for the next few days I'll be busy with digital painting while the computer is turned inside out and shaken; but --

Two: I don't have the opportunity to get into this for a day or two, because my Mom has just had a suspected mild (and I stress MILD ... she's not hospitalized) heart attack which, when you're 81, is no small deal. So things are revolving around Mom at this time.

But hey, I've been a photographer for how long? And I have how many pro stock images on file? And --

Today is Earth Day. So in honor of the day, and to fill in here while I can't do a damn' thing in 3D, and haven't the opportunity to paint --

As I began, "We apologize for the interruption in normal services," and I'm going to bore you with photographs for a couple of days.

Thanks to all who have sent their well-wishes to my Mom. She's getting better, though her pulse scares me ... no discernible rhythm; however, she's feeling better, having dinner and so on. Cross fingers, she'll recover well.

Speaking of dinner, I have a date with a pile of potatoes whose time has come!

Jade, 22 April (Earth Day; also the birthday of Queen Elizabeth II)
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