Friday, April 22, 2011

Still working on the computer, so...

Easter Saturday -- still trying to figure out the computer. Haven't even opened DAZ today! I did play around with some new .abr brushes for a while, but ... yaaaaawn ... I have to confess, too tired to make anything remarkable happen. Have been doing the late-night and all-night carer duties while my Mom is very frail and fragile, and it's hard to prop the eyes open!

So here's some more of my photography, as a filler. All these shots were captured during our weekend away, a month ago, when we drove down south, as far as you can go on the Fleurieu Peninsula and not get into the water. We lost the weather on the second night, so in fact, everything you see here was captured inside of the same day and a half, between McClaren Vale and Hindmarsh Island, and Milang, on Lake Alexandrina.

With any luck we might be able to get the computer stuff solved tomorrow. Mom is getting better -- there's a rhythm in her pulse this afternoon! -- so tomorrow we can do a couple of things to this PC. Things that do not involve axes and hammers. (Seriously, I've been shipping everything out to to big external harddrives, and tomorrow, all being well, we're going to revert this beast to factory specs, which is as close as you can come these days to typing he command line Format C:\ ... remember that? Did you ever do that? Fun, wasn't it?!)

So I'll let you know how it goes! Happy Easter to all...

Jade, 23 April (Easter Saturday)
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