Thursday, April 7, 2011

The princess and the swordsman

This one was just dying to be done! As soon as I saw the Barbarian Princess yesterday, I couldn't help remembering the Barbarian Swordsman from a while ago, and the temptation to put them in the same shot was huge. I had intended to do several renders, but time flew away.

Mind you, if you've been following this blog for long enough, you'll know something about the Barbarian Swordsman. Remember? Somebody about five yards out of the frame says, "cut, print and clear the gate."

A...ha. Ideas start to percolate. It might be a couple of days before I can get to that project, so thanks for bearing with me. Life is somewhat ballistic at this time, but we're getting there.

This looks like The End of the story, doesn't it? The sun sinks in the west and the hero rides off with the girl. Makes you long to know what happened between the colosseum shots and the scene in the palace, where the Dinokonda seems to be standing guard on her. Protecting her, or keeping her prisoner? And thereby hangs the tale!

Just a short post today, partly because it's late and I still have a number of things to do before I call call it a day!

Jade, 7 April (Jackie Chan's and my brother's birthday)

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