Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Black Friday special I couldn't go by...

Hello, folks ... and where in the heck have I been for over two weeks? And well you might ask! We're moving house. And those of you who know us know that it's an enormous house that take 4-6 weeks to pack and clean. During those weeks, you're either dust right up to the eyeballs, or exhausted, or both! There's not a lot of time left for mucking about with artwork, much less blogging about it, but...

Today is "Black Friday," when incredible deals ripple across the Internet, and there was one I just couldn't pass up. Manga Studio is usually $300, but if you were already a subscriber at Smith Micro -- which I am, since I bought/registered Poser Pro -- you watched your mailbox for special links to buy it for 90% off! It was a whisker under $30 for today only, and, well, I couldn't not get it, could I?!

So it's installed on "the "Mighty Thor" right now, and it started up cleanly. The interface is almost intuitive. I can figure out maybe 70% of what's going on, but there's also a 400pp PDF user's manual, and I'll be reading a lot of it.

One thing I discovered that's great is that Manga Studio will actually import an .OBJ and rotate it, scale it and then "drop" it to a 2D image ... this is terrific. Almost like cheating. I think the program is going to be a lot of fun -- I just need to get it figured out!

above: borrowed from the Manga Studio webpage

What I'm hoping is that you can do a bunch of the work in 3D, and then import a half-crafted image into Manga Studio, and work it up into top-notch digital comic art -- here's my thinking: NARC. Can you imagine a graphic novel adaptation ... or new adventures done graphic novel style, written by Mel Keegan and illustrated by self. If Manga Studio will streamline the process, it ought to be doable ... hmm. Jarrat and Stone, in top-notch graphic novel art... oof.

Anyway, if you're interested in Manga Studio, see the page at Smith Micro. And I'll keep you posted about the process of learning this, as I get into it, just as I did when I got into Photoshop, Bryce, and so forth.

I'm probably going to vanish on you for a while ... posts might be somewhat erratic and patchy, and you know why! We're an ocean of boxes, tape, scissors, bubble wrap and all. There's a big truck scheduled for December 17th, but that's the tip of the iceberg.

Thanks to all for bearing with me. I'm going to try (hard!) to get the next segment of Abraxas written up before the end of November. I might have to recycle some artwork to accompany it! Let's see if I can wrangle some time to do it right...

Jade, November 24 

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