Monday, November 26, 2012

Silver Sands memories ... and house moving update

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Silver Sands, on the Gulf St. Vincent coastline, South Australia ... "just" photos today, because we're going flat out with house moving activities. We get the keys on Friday, but that's the start of the fun ... not that "fun" is the right word for it! So I thought I'd keep in touch with you all with some photos -- though I know you're hoping for art: I promise, hand on heart, I have some ideas racing around my head, all of which will become art and appear here, just as soon as I have a couple of hours to call my own!

So this is Silver Sands on an absolutely perfect winter's day. Yes, I know, we're spoiled rotten as far as our climate goes. The weather was changing, there was a wind swinging around into the south, and by the next day skies were overcast, there was a little bit of drizzle around the southern hills. In winter, you have to pick your day, but if you can pick it just right, there are some days that are just magical. This was one of them.

We were parked on the beach, fossicking for shells, watching the sky, and I'll always have some fond memories of that afternoon!

House moving is coming along: packing. Boxes. Starting to clean house. You know how it goes. The toughest thing is that this is a huge house (think big, then almost double whatever you're thinking of), which is cool under normal, circumstances. But not when you have to pack it and clean it. We've been here for a little under six years, which means everything you're inclined to collect kind of stacks up, and suddenly you're weeding ... chucking out old vhs videos, because who watches tapes in this age of dvd and blue ray?! 

So it's busy, busy, busy, with a loooong way to go, to get us moved, unpacked, Christmas tree set up in time for the holidays.

But yes, I'm working on the next part of Abraxas, and it'll be online before the computers get shut down pending relocation. I promise. 

Here, have some more photos, since we're here:

Abraxas soon!

Jade, November 26

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