Sunday, April 28, 2019

3D Male ... glamor. Yes, let's call it glamor. Hair maketh the man ... really!

What, two posts in a day?! Not really. The first was art done yesterday that didn't get uploaded till first thing this morning, because my laptop developed the weirdest hiccup that made me wonder if I had a virus ... turned out to be a loose USB plug! (The simplest answer is usually the right one...) Anyway -- here is today's work --

Recognize him? You should, but you'd be forgiven for not. Yep, it's the same model you saw as the Egyptian priest yesterday -- What did I do?!

Please do have a look at the above at full size -- sorry about the potential download time: it's 1800 high by 2400 wide, so you can SEE what's going on. I did three things:

1) put hair on him. That's the Yannis dreadlocks, from Renderosity. 2) I switched the skinmap from JM Falcon to SAV Atlas ... and then 3) I got into Photoshop and painted some body hair on him, because nobody I know shaves from head to foot. It doesn't even look natural on a guy. Also, I switched out the texture on the "butt-flap," as George would no doubt call it. Result: whoa. That's actually quite impressive. But nope, I did nothing with the model itself. The hardest thing about the pose was straightening out Michael 4's odd elbows which don't bend believably (another reason to get into the Genesis figures, I know, I know).

I was asked recently why I render guys, and seldom touch the Victoria 4.2 model I have, even though I have it, and its Morphs++ which is needed create characters, and a bunch of costumes. Well, Victoria 4.2 was actually packed free with DAZ Studio 3, and I bought the Morphs++ and costumes when I started producing contract book covers that required the female character. But the easy answer is bound up in these two screen captures, below, from Pintetest, where the "label" or "tag" producing this search result was "3D Character." Here you go ... what do you see:

That's a very fair sampling on the 3D Character label at Pinterest. There are, I think, THREE male characters lost among the scores of babes ... two are trolls and one is a stupid cartoon. The rest are babes, babes and more babes. Now, I have nothing against babes. But not to the exclusion of everything else! Just touching down on the gallery pages at Poser, Renderosity, DAZ ... it seems that nobody anywhere is rendering good looking 3D men. I'm just about the only one doing it!

So ... it would actually be fair to say that after the first 25,000 3D babes, they all look alike (to me), and I can get a leetle bit fed up of them. I like doing pictures of exotic guys. Um ... that's about it!

And I really, really wonder what this particular guy would look like, in LuxRender.

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