Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Virus 7, Jade 0 ... also, Spaceman Joe, and Screamin' SF -- again!

Okay, I was in the mood for art, but I was also in the mood for humor, because I just fought off a virus that ... well, a couple of times I honestly entertained the words "emergency room." But I didn't have the energy to pick up the phone. Bleck. 😵 So this is a great place to come back to creativity, and just about the last intelligent thing I said was,

"Let's put this guy on the cover of Screamin' Science Fiction, and see what he's like with a raygun in his hand! Turns out, he's pretty darned good!

I do love Screamin'. It gives me a chance to cut loose and be silly. Is this the fourth one I've done? LOL ... enjoy. And yes, this is the same character as "Desperado," and the barbarian, though you'd be forgiven for not realizing it. Here's the proof -- and I've uploaded it at some colossal size so that you can scroll all over it and compare, if you like:

(Sorry about the probable download time on this: it's 1800 high x 4800 wide -- which is great for folks who want to scroll all over it and see the details.)

The other thing I really love about this kind of project is the opportunity to play with layout, fonts, text ... and be seriously silly. The "font art" is all done in Serif Page Plus, of course. I do love Page lLus ... speaking of which, it's become a "legacy program" now ... the Serif company went as far as version X9 and then set PP aside to develop their new one, Affinity.

Uh huh. Affinity looks like it's going to be out there in another dimension. I'd be looking for Affinity Publisher, if course ... there's also Affinity Painter (but I already have Krita), Affinity Photo (but I run Photoshop Elements 9, which does everything I want or need), and so forth. Also, Affinity is still in the beta stage, so ... it's not even ready yet. But yes, I'll be keeping an eye on that ... for the future. It belongs in the same pile as DAZ Studio 4.9.whatever, and IRay, and tons of new models, and Genesis figures, skinmaps -- on and on and on. Not yet: too many bills to clear yet, before I throw wads of cash at what is, now, merely a hobby.

Okay! Aas versatile as he is, we're done with this character for now, I promise. I'm going to return to some of the others and produce some images that have been swimming in my mind since we were in Halls Gap. Back tomorrow, I hope. If not, the next day at latest.
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