Monday, April 29, 2019

The tomb raider is out of luck this time!

As the post title says -- the "tomb raider" is out of luck this time. This one was guarded ... but someone as big as you are, armed with a Very Big Spear. A closer look --

Two hunks for the price of one, I guess! This is "The Man in the Hat," whom you've seen before. It's actually this guy, whom you saw in December (dang, is it really that long?!) ...

And that's the exact same Michael 4 character who becomes the Jones-like guy, when you put the hat on him, much less if you give him the whip and the revolver! Is there a story that goes with this? Not as such, unless it's that the tomb raider dude tried his luck here and found that this one is guarded! The hunk who began life a few days ago as Imhotep is on duty here ... he looks a heck of a lot better with hair, no?

And just for fun ... imagine that this is a scene from a move. Here's the movie still version:

I actually like monochrome a lot. There was also something called Sepiatone, a long, long time ago. Anyone old enough to remember that? I'm not, actually, but I'll confess to being something of a movie trivia devotee. Somewhere among my collection of stuff, I have some images that are so old, they were printed in Sepia. They're either worth a fortune or ought to be used to line budge cages, depending on whom you talk to. Ahem. So, this is what a Sepia movie still would look like:

Okay, that's all from me for today. I'd intended to do more, but it's been an OOTDD, One Of Those Damned Days, when you feel baaaad, and there ain't nothing for it but to scramble through and try again tomorrow. Going for tea now. Tomorrow's another day.

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