Thursday, July 18, 2019

Guy candy. Seriously.

Pirate? Moorish prince? Take your pick ... and check out the shaders on this! I switched out all the textures on the "Contemporary Romeo" costume. Silk and lace on the shirt, leather on the pants. This is actually the Rex character again, but wearing one of the alternative faces, and the full beard. Looks like a whole new character, in fact. Also ...

This is the Rex matte skinmap, with the "shine" turned off and the displacement turned on. The only thing it's short of, actually, is some veins. A body that looks like that has been worked hard in a gym, and he probably finished pumping iron about two minutes before the photo was taken. You'd see veins. There's a venous add-on for G8, and this is one of the next items I'll get.

Then --

Michael 8 ... wearing a Michael 4 shirt. Yes, Michael 4. The last place you saw that costume, Amadeus was wearing it. The only thing you can't wrangle is the sleeves: the morphs and parenting work, to make the costume fit the body shape, but the rigging in the shirt doesn't match the rigging n the figure, so it doesn't drop the sleeves over the arms. To get around this, I made the sleeves transparent. Then slapped a shader onto the shirt's body. He's also wearing third party add-on eyes, and Genesis 2 hair. I'm not in love with Michael 8, to be honest: the face does nothing for me, and the body's somewhat adolescent, but experiments are underway to adapt it. And in the meantime, there's plenty more to play with!

That's all from me for today. Soooo tired! Must hit the hay. Need sleep...
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