Friday, July 26, 2019

Pinup boy ... and Morning in Gadomar ... whooo!

Now we're cooking. Playing mix and match again. That's the Dae face, boy tweaked by me, he's wearing Michael 8's skinmap, Michael 4's hair, a fabulous rose silk shader on the shirt, big blue GP Character Eyes, Bryce 7 Pro sky behind DM's Gadomar set, from years and years ago  ... and a four hour render in Iray, after I went to bed. Take a closer look --

Now, those are the skintones we've been wanting to achieve. Four hours, is it? O...kay. I can live with that. The second picture --

That's a two-hour render -- Dae face, body and skinmap, wearing the Elan hair for G8. It actually needed to cook about another hour, but I just didn't have the time to let it go and go. That's the downside to Iray: it takes over the whole system, and while it's rendering, you just walk away and let it do its thing.

Anyway, we're just starting to get into the rarefied atmosphere where exceptional renders happen ... and I shopped another sale at DAZ, for two colossal packs of shaders. They'd have been A$105 for the pair of them, and in the sale, I got them both for $35, which I can just about afford. I now have something like 700 new shaders to play with, LOL: and there is so much to learn!

Having some serious fun with this, even though the file-save problems continue: I can't save anything. You just have to put the scene together, render it and dump it, because when you try to save something, when you reopen it, there's a pile of boxes where your 3D assets should be! DAZ tech support is still trying to figure this out, but -- no joy so far, and it's been on an open ticket with the help desk for two months now. Ack.

Anyway, back soon with more. But I'm grinning somewhat ... I have Iray halfway tamed. Wahoo.
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