Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Mix and match ... M4 hair fits Genesis 8?!

Dae skinmap and face morph, customized body morph, GP Character Eyes, and (get this!) Michael 4 hair, the Mon Chevalier hair by Neftis. Yep, it fits the Genesis 8 figure. So surprised! 
AWOL for a few days ... domestic issues ... back again -- and no one is more surprised than me right now, because I ran an experiment to see if the M4 hair would fit the Genesis 8 figure, and lo and behold. Well, see for yourself. That's the Mon Chevalier hair prop by Neftis, and it dropped right onto Genesis 8 as if it was made to fit. The last time you saw this hairdo, Captain Kevin Jarrat was wearing it. Uh huh --

I honestly never expected it to work, but it just dropped into place. This opens up vistas of possibility -- for instance, will the Yannis M4 dreadlocks fit Genesis 8? Remember this hair, on the barbarian guardian --

That's the Rasta dreadlocks, which always looks fantastic on the M4 figures. There's no guarantee that it'll render in Iray, but -- what the heck, the Mon Chevalier hair renders well in Iray, so this has to be worth the experiment! Tells you what I'll be doing tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the file-save problems continue to bug me, making DAZ Studio 4.11 a right royal pain to use. I can load, render, save and reopen the Genesis smart content, but everything else is lost in the save routine. Studio 4.11 is corrupting the files during the save process? I dunno, but it's making it very difficult for me to do complex work. Also, I'm still far from happy with the lighting I'm getting with Iray. It's enough to make you tear out your hair. *Sigh* I might (gasp; groan) just do as everyone else does, admit defeat, give up and buy lighting sets. Uh huh. I even went to DAZ and scouted up the very lighting sets I'd buy, if I was going to surrender... I just haven't quite surrendered yet, LOL.

More experiments to run, now that the domestic issues are sorted. Let's give this another shot tomorrow.
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