Thursday, July 25, 2019

Iray lights, glass shaders -- and 'his evil twin' ... he he he!

O...kay. DAZ was having a sale, and I was able to get the Genesis 8 Head Morphs for half price, plus a pack of glass shaders, and so forth. All of which inspired me to play. Two versions of the same character -- also two versions of the same hair. The character is about fifty percent my own, face and body; the hair is an adapted version of the Morley hair prop (which is "sticky uppy," lopsided and rather punk ... not to my taste at all). Anyway, here you have twins, a hero and a villain ...

-- this one being the villain! This is cool. It took a bit of painting in Photoshop after the fact, because after two hours each, these renders still have a bunch of "unresolved pixels," and I just don't have any more time to spend on them -- if, indeed, my computer will render at any higher resolution. I think I'm already maxed out as per the resolution I can get. More experiments are in order!

I know, I know, I said I was going to see if I could get the Yannis Rasta Dreadlocks to load and fit Genesis today (since I discovered that the M4 Mon Chevalier hair fits G8 so well), but it's going to be a looong job, and the way things worked out this afternoon, I didn't have time. However, it's high on my list of priorities.

It was fun playing with shaders on the set, too: I changed out the materials to glass and marble, which makes them much more visually exciting. This is where the fun begins, I think! Iray is all about shaders and ... lights. And I decided to save time, since my life is getting busy. Yep, I bought a pack of Iray "plug and play" lights. Probably saves you upwards of half an hour per project, and I imagine the end result will be better. (Blast. I'd intended to learn this, do it myself. And I probably could, given about six more months of pure frustration; but life is getting busy again ... the truth? I don't gotz the time to reinvent a wheel other people perfected yonks ago. So -- long story short: do like almost everyone else does, pay $11, buy a pack of lights, save time, and enjoy, LOL.)

Anyway -- tomorrow looks good for art, and I'll get to those dreadlocks! I hope. Stay tuned!

What you have here:

Genesis 8
Michael 8 skinmap
Face and Head Morphs
Morley Hair (adapted)
Dark Prince costume
All Action Poses for G8 Male
The Fountain set
Clear and Frosted Glass Shaders
Rock and Stone shaders
ElianeCK Lights
Photoshop post work

...everything except the Rock and Stone shaders came from the DAZ marketplace, and that final item was from Renderosity.

Oh -- one last thing I can add here. I've noticed that a lot of people are on the forums, very confused about how to install third party shaders (from CG Share, DeviantArt, Renderosity or wherever) so that DAZ Studio can find them. It took me a while to figure it out, but here's the directory structure for them:

C:\ Users > Public > Public Documents > My DAZ 3D Library > Shader Presets

...and to find them within Studio, go to:

Content Library pane, open Daz Studio Formats > My DAZ 3D Library > Shader Presets 

... awhatever you copied into this folder will be there.

Note: you'll almost certainly have to install the shader pack with Studio closed, then reopen it. "Refresh" ought to work to, uh, refresh the listed content, but it certainly doesn't on my system. You can run around in circles, trying to find something you just installed, and it doesn't show up till you close and reopen the program. Hope this helps! 
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