Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Glamour in Iray ... check this out!

Just one image today ... because it's been cooking all day, and when Iray is running, it commandeers the whole computer. But you have to admit, the result is worth it!

This is actually a slightly tweaked version of the Dae morph, wearing the Michael 8 skinmap, and the Varun hair; the costume is the Cool Style outfit, but I changed the shirt to a silk shader. Set a couple of lights ... and went away for about six hours. Patience, grasshopper! Take a closer look:

It actually doesn't get very much better than this. This one is terrific, if I say so myself. And I do! So I didn't get the chance to play around with the Palladio ancient Greek garden set: one thing at a time, and when you set up an Iray project, you have to be willing to wait for it to cook. Tomorrow: Greek garden. Being an old, low-poly set, it ought to render up quickly, too.

Some of the new sets ... whew. They're motion picture quality, but I know for a fact, I couldn't render them. I'm put them on my wish list, but it's actually pointless buying them until I have the new system. Christmas 2020. What did I say about patience? It's this kind of thing:

SE Asian Temple: catalog image. See this
It's gorgeous, but if I tried to render that --??! Ye gods. Not on this computer, guys. I think the whole thing would spontaneously combust. Here's another one that would blow up my hardware:

IG Iray Dawn to Dusk Lights. Catalog image. See this
As I said -- motion picture quality, but not for this computer! End of next year, we'll chuck some serious money at the challenge and see what happens with a new one. I don't mind long renders, if they finish up properly. Fingers crossed!

The good news that I'd like to share is that the new Mel Keegan book uploaded to Amazon Kindle and Smashwords yesterday. This is well worth sharing! XENO ... thrill a minute stuff:

It's a good, long "meaty" read, too -- so much in it. Find it at Amazon, or if you have a problem with Amazon, it's also at Smashwords. Just a heads up: being a Mel Keegan novel, it's a glbt read ... as well as absolutely sparking science fiction. Not one for kids, if you take my meaning.

That's it for me, for today. It's been a long, busy day and I'm going in search of a pillow and blankie. Winter has returned for a week or so ... great weather to be home and messing about with art. So -- more tomorrow!
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