Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Take two ... I survived! ... and I like the way this renders up...

Genesis 8, wearing Michael 8's skinmap and a tweaked, adjusted face. The Crimson Seas coat and the Varun Hair. Depth of field is turned on and very effective; and I do like the way this renders up. The GP Character eyes are set to a kind of hazel --

-- and they catch the lights quite well. It's only when you start to play around with expressions that you realize the face is not what you'd call classical, or perfect; which I think makes it seem all the more realistic. Though I could wish there had been a way to work with the Rex skinmap! Next time.

In fact, I could wish there was something along the lines of a Hispanic skinmap for Genesis 8, or Michael 8, without having to drop a ton of money. There is one, a whole character, Diego 8 --

Catalog Image. See this...
-- but that's going to set me back about A$65. Right now I'm looking around for a nice olive skinned map, like Italian or Greek, something not as glaringly white as so many of the Michael 8 skinmaps seem to be. I have about seven skinmaps for M8 or G8, and all but two are positively Nordic. There's this one, Sanjay, which is Subcontinent --

Catalog image. See this ...

-- but again, you're looking at AU$65, because it's a whole character which is a lot more than I might have wanted to pay for a skinmap. You're kind of hoping for something closer to $20.

Anyway, when I feel a lot better than I do right now, I think I'll have a look around at the DAZ/Iray content at Renderosity, and just pray that the designers have the installation pathway worked out, so that Studio 4.11 can find the files. The Poser pathways won't work. Xurge uses those. They work in Studio 3, like a charm, but Studio 4.11 is a whole 'nother animal. Rats.

Okay -- now, tea and pills.
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