Sunday, September 29, 2019

Touching base: we're back ... "only" photos here. Art tomorrow!

The last note I wrote here, Dave and I were packed and running out the door for five days in the Grampians, based in Halls Gap. To quote Samwise, we're back ... I still have to go through the photos I took with both cameras, but I've sorted the stuff I did with my new phone and blogged a short version of where we went, what we did. This has been a great opportunity to put the phone through its paces, see what it will do -- also what it won't. I've been pleasantly surprised.

If you like trip pictures from amazing places, here's the post ... and I ought to be back tomorrow with art. For now ... mountains, waterfalls, stormy skies, amazing vistas. The weather didn't cooperate this time, but we had loads of fun. Home again, home again, and back to work tomorrow, LOL.

I have images swirling around my brain, am full of ideas -- and I got a couple of emails from DAZ tech support, which have some actual value, even though they don't answer, or solve, anything. Hmm. I'll get my oars back in the water tomorrow.
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