Tuesday, October 1, 2019

A wood elf in Iray. Uh, Legolas, anyone?!

A wood elf ... about five hours in Iray and a bit of painting to finish it out, where various zones would have been rendering for the rest of my life. This is nice, very natural and lifelike. The big trick was matching the lighting across foreground and background, since the backdrop is a photo (which I took in Belair National Park a year or two ago). Getting the lighting angle to match was a bit of a challenge, but otherwise ... patience, while it renders, and then renders some more.

Expect to see this character again! The ears work brilliantly ... he's wearing the Michael 8 skinmap, which always renders superbly, GP character eyes, and Shavonne hair; and the face is one of mine...

I'd love to go shopping for costumes for this character -- something befitting Legolas. I'm just not a hundred percent sure of getting new purchases to install properly, using manual installation, and they're not cheap. Hmm. I need to run an experiment and just try it. Since the computer I use to run DAZ Studio dropped permanently offline, life is more complex than it used to be! (If you're accustomed to Studio, you'll be used to running the Install Manager, which handles everything ... and tech support want to have you updating this, uninstalling and reinstalling that -- all of which is simple, so long as you have an internet connection. Alas, I don't now! Nothing, but nothing, will get the computer to go back online. Which all adds up to a new computer, right? Okay, I know, I'm due for one. I've been using this one for ... how many years? Whoa, how time files. Anyway --

I see this character and I think, "Hmm, Legolas!"

A wood elf, at any rate. Nice!
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