Thursday, October 31, 2019

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Featuring ... 'The Possessed'

Happy Halloween, guys! And the last piece of 'Halloween Spirit' art for 2019 is The Possessed. It's the half-seen, half-materialized figure in the background that creeps me out. How about you?!

Looks like a job for the Exorcist we saw the other day, right?

This week's been fun ... psychic warrior, vampire hunter, exorcist, warlock, possessed, the works! This one, today, took an hour in Iray: Genesis 8, Landon hair, costume -- and one light. That's it. The rest is a blurred out, painted-over backdrop, and all the other effects are Photoshop over-painting.

The character reminds me of -- well, has anyone seen Look What's Happened to Rosemary's Baby, starring Stephen McHattie? This guy has McHattie's cheekbones, no doubt about it! The other movie you might have seen is The Possessed -- 1977, a TV movie with Harrison Ford (!) in a costarring role, looking exactly like Han Solo in spectacles. I kid you not. Too cute, right? You think I'm kidding? Nope. Try this for size:

...and if you fancy scaring the willies out of yourself, you can watch it on YouTube. You're welcome! I actually have a copy. 😝

So -- Happy Halloween to all! More soon. Only one image today, because I was out of commission with a migraine for half the day, didn't even start to come back to life till about 4:00pm, so there was only time for one project. Blisteringly hot weather is migraine weather for me, what's new?

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