Tuesday, October 29, 2019

More Halloween spirit: this vampire plot thickens!

Is it me, or is the vampire hunter Jean Pierre Marin as irresistible as the plot? I couldn't leave this alone so soon, so we're coming back to the hero one more time. This would be the scene where he seeks help from his friend, who is an exorcist with a power to handle energy--

Did you miss Part One? See it here. Now: The exorcist, an Englishman by the name of Daniel Crowe, has followed the vampire Alighieri from place to place through France, for months trying to put an end to him. Crowe was summoned to deconsecrate the church, where Alighieri slept in the crypt for over a century. The tumbledown ruin -- long said to be cursed, and avoided by all who knew it -- was watched over by an old, retired priest who knew its sect. Nothing Pere Andre could do would prevent the demolition of the church, and he saw Alighieri leave the crypt on Midwinter's Night. It was Pere Andre who wrote to his old associate, the exorcist, Daniel Crowe. Now, a trail of blood has led Daniel to Paris, where he and Jan Pierre meet, on the same hunting trail...

And Daniel, of course:

It's delicious, isn't it? In fact, I could really get into this! It needed to be a movie, starring Keith Hamilton Cobb and Hugh Jackman about 15 years ago, when they were both at their most delicious. Anyway --

The set-up for the piratical young hero is the same as last time; just switch out the backdrop. The set up for Daniel Crowe is obviously Michael 4, wearing the Lee skinmap and Neftis's GQ Event hair, and the Beowulf suit. Because I used a backdrop (another clip out of a Sveva image) it rendered fast ... it also rendered so flat in Iray, I did a second one as a raytrace, slapped both of them into Photoshop and blended them together, then over-painted almost everything to get the most out of it. This one is mostly painting, while the top image is almost entirely pure render. No matter: the M4 render took about eight minutes, and the Photoshop post work, another ten. Who's going to complain, at that!

More tomorrow! I have another idea, and if it comes together fairly quickly, I'll leave it to render while I head for bed. Yaaaawn...

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