Sunday, September 1, 2019

Alien pyramids, and a delicious enemy

Our neighborhood Goa'ould again ... nicely done by Iray. Still playing Stargate, because I ran the experiment, put the Pyrago alien pyramids into Iray to see how they render:

That's a sky I rendered in Terragen a while ago -- back in June, in fact. The sky is what makes this picture --

-- and it's the perfect backdrop for the old set. I only imported one of the elements, the pyramid itself, to test it out, because it's something of a pain wriggling the whole thing into Iray. Studio 4.11 won't let you install this stuff (or, if it will, I ain't found the way yet, and I've tried everything I can think of), so you have to import the OBJs directly ... then spend the next hour configuring them before you can start to play around with the lights. Not quick. But the end result is pretty darned impressive. So, tomorrow I'll play with the Palladio set, which is ancient Greek.

I'll leave you with this:

I'm kind of waiting for his eyes to glow. Shall pat myself on the back for this one: nice character!

Anyway -- tomorrow, Palladio, and another of the Xurge costumes I bought last week. Let's install this one into Studio 3 (soooo easy to install things into Studio 3, one of the reasons I love it)...

...and we'll see what we shall see! I have one or two M4 characters who would wear this...!

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