Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The horse and his boy ... and that boy sure did grow up!

The horse and his boy ... all grown up, and then some. This one is uploaded at full size, more than 1000 pixels wide. It' also raytraced ... please do click to see it fulls-side, and ... enjoy! It's admittedly "from an idea by Boris" -- at least, here was the inspiration:

The painting is by Boris -- who else? (Muscles everywhere, but rarely a cute young dude in sight.) These last couple of days, being overworked and under the weather, I've been looking at the work of other artists, and something hit me. Going by the published art, 80% of the human population is female, and 99% of females are Amazons and/or babes. 20% of the population is male, and of the male population, about 5% are anything other than cartoon caricatures of an attractive man. The vast majority are ugly, gross, hilarious, deformed or in advanced age.

The only reason I can think of for this is that most artists are straight guys who a) don't get a kick out of painting studly young men, or b) they're worried about having their masculinity questioned if they do!

I wonder where all the straight female artists are, who ought to be painting or rendering studly young men? Because (!) virtually all the art cranked out by the female artists, too, is -- you guessed it -- wildly skewed to the Amazon babe end of the scale! Is that weird, or what?

Sorry this post is so short, guys, and sorry I haven't been able to post at all in the last two days. Life has been ... interesting. Too much work, and yet again my health is no good. I'll try to get back to posting regularly soon, when things calm down a bit. For now, please enjoy this one, because -- it might only be one, but honestly, one like this is worth three ordinary ones!

Jade, 9 November

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