Thursday, November 25, 2010

Warrior Maiden

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American visitors! Just touching base with you here, actually ... am pretty sick at the moment, and haven't had the time to do much of anything for a couple of days. This here is Beryl. One of three twin sisters, Beryl, Bertha and Beulah. Warrior maidens ... at least in the mind of some fourteen year old male who has the idea that 1) voluptuous women bounce off to battle mostly naked, and 2) voluptuous women remain maidens for long enough to bounce off to battle done up any way at all.

Just one piece today, because it took several centuries to get this render. It's raytraced, and each render takes forever, even with a fast machine. Then you discover that the lights are too bright, or not bright enough, or in the wrong places, etc., and 25 mins. through yet another render you cancel out of it and start again.

This one is a real Boris girl. I'll do some more renders featuring Beryl -- probably tomorrow, now I've got the whole thing set up.

Oh -- and just so's you know, Abraxas is updated with three new pages:

Click here to go to the beginning of today's episode. And I've also made a decision: as the story unfolds, it'll be unfolding in graphic novel form -- in other words, you won't see the narrative versions on this blog anymore, though I will give a sneak preview when each new bit is posted. Some of the artwork is very, very spectacular...

More tomorrow. Must go and take a pill now. Or something.

Jade, 26 November
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