Saturday, November 27, 2010

Screamin' Science Fiction ... Jane Russell on Steroids (or, fourteen year olds making laundry)

Sorry guys, I just couldn't resist. Classic erotic science fiction of yesteryear is the (fairy) godfather of the works of Boris and Julie which are titillating today's fourteen year olds (and making a bunch of laundry), but if you think we invented the genre -- nope. Sorry. Anyway -- I felt like being a bit silly today, and why not? Here's the art without the overlays:

And this was the sensible, conservative one! After this I thought, hey, let's get really silly. You want Jane Russell on steroids? (And for those of you who don't know who Jane Russell is ... for godsakes find out before you get any older!)

There you go, Jane Russell on steroids, as depicted by some ancestor of Boris's, for the 1949 edition of Screamin' Science Fiction.

Just kidding, folks. It's the warrior maiden I rendered seriously yesterday, with a new backdrop painted in GIMP with Ron's Bokeh brushes. I just ... attenuated a couple of the, uh, extremities. Didn't even have to reset the lights. And you know me when it comes to laying out magazines and paperbacks. I love doing it. I do the whole job in Serif, which makes it huge fun.

Before I go, a service message: Abaxas is updated with three new pages. Here's the link to go to the beginning of the update. Incidentally, we're off to a great start with the serial, with over 400 pageloads today ... which is not too shabby for a site that has been open for five days!

In case you're wondering, I made myself useful the other day. Sat down and drafted out the first 25 chapters (or about 150pp), which is about half the story as I understand it at this time.

Also, one of my favorite 3D model haunts, Content Paradise (which is the model emporium belonging to Smith-Micro, the company behind Poser) was having a Black Friday Sale -- 600% off everything for 24 hours. So I shot straight over there and got loads of the things I've been needing to stage the coming episodes. There's tons of stuff you never saw before. Tomorrow, I'll be doing the next chapter, but I'll be doing it directly from the script to the graphic novel format, no narrative format in between. These pages are not due to be up on the Abraxas site for another three weeks, because I'm posting 2-3 pages per day, but yes, I'll give a sneak preview on the blog here, for the folks who have been following the story for a month or more. You shouldn't have to wait...

Jade, 28 November
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