Friday, November 19, 2010

Hangin' out with roaches, waiting for a ride

Something very different ... a kind of Mad Max future, perhaps. The last time you saw this actor, he was playing the mercenary Yussan in Abraxas - the lost songs. And before that he was playing Vladislav the vampire who's more than a match for Horace and Hortense! (If you don't don't what's going to ... you don't spend enough time on this blog, and are missing at least some of the fun.)

The beauty of having all these characters is that you can cast them in new roles, new scenarios. This one -- I see the year as about 2030, after technology has galloped and the world has gone to hell. He's a cop -- undercover, and trying to talk his way out of a sticky situation. This time around he manages it -- slick talking, silvertongue. He waits for a pickup -- backup to get him out of here, and his ride arrives -- big, noisy, dirty, raising storms of smog.

The props are all from Powerage -- three different sets of props, all mix-n-matched together. The coat is the duster from the M4 Cowboy set ... but it's re-treaded with the texture from our Mexican blanket! The hair is Midnight Prince. For the life of me, I can't remember what the skinmap is. HZ Victor?? It could be. It's the one with the goatee -- very nice skinmap.

Don't ask me where the inspiration for these came from! Here is the character in his grand vampire role ... and here's a link that will get you through to the full monty shoot, via the customary alerts and alarms. And here is is again, as Yussan, in Abraxas.

The face morph? Sorry, guys. Like Leon and "Achilles" and some of the ones you see over and over, he's one of mine, you can't buy him anywhere.

But what I can do is a special post, talking you through the process of making your own amazing faces. I'll put that on the agenda...

Jade, 19 November
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