Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Male nude ... painting with light

I'm not a hundred percent satisfied with these renders ... but at this moment there's no more I can do to improve on them -- because as far as I can tell, the problem is in the rendering engine. If the light is very low and the shadows are turned on, the renders start to pick up "grain," or would you call it "spotty areas and streaks" in the mid-tone areas. That has to be something to do with the render engine. I think.

I'm still using the free render engine which ships with DAZ Studio 3 -- 3DLight. And I think there's actually a limit to how far you can push this.

Now, DAZ recently released a whoooole new render engine, called Reality. This impresses the heck out of me:

You can have look at it here ... but here's the catch. First, it's $80. Second, it's whimpering for a 64-bit system with tons of ram and video ram, which I don't possess. Powerful as this system is, it's 32 bit. My laptop is 64 bit, but it doesn't have the video card or the ram to cope.

Now, at YouTube you can see LuxRender in action:

...and that also is impressive, but it doesn't solve my problem of being 32 bits short of a picnic!

So for the meantime I'm going to muddle along with what I have, and dream on about this kind of render potential:

Right now this is waaay out of my price bracket. It's not the price of the Reality 1.0 plugin, it's the price of the whole new system to run it efficiently. Ouch!

Jade, November 2

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