Sunday, October 31, 2010

HAPPY HALLOWEEN 2010 ... because brain-eating 3D zombies need love too

Happy Halloween, boys, girls and everything in betwixt! You might need to click on these pictures to see the seven-foot green brain-muncher in the background, and when you do you'll see a kind of story emerging out of the images.

Gorgeous party animal is looking for a street address in a weeeeeird part of town. Comes to the gate that he's sure is the right place. Doesn't see any sighs of (!) life. Is about to leave...

"Whaddaya mean, he's seven feet tall and green and standing right behind me?"

Bloody Nora, he is!

Better get outta here ...

"Well, hellooooooo beautiful! You wanna party down? Come in here, snookums, the party starts in about half an hour, and we're having brains to eat, and bobbing for shrunken heads, and all that good stuff..."

"Actually, no thank you, very much. I'm supposed to be meeting someone and, like, well, you know how it is."

"Okay, but it's your loss, sweet thang. Maybe next year?"

"Maybe. Bye, now."

"Tootles, snooks, come back soon, y'hear?"

So, uh, Happy Halloween from downunder where it's Halloween already!

Jade, 31 October
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