Friday, October 29, 2010

Mirror, Mirror ... 3D reflections and sultry half-nekkid models

Two birds with one stone today, because time is short and (rats) I'm not well again. Migraine, with a 4:00am kickoff. Oh, joy. Anyway -- reflections in glass ... but window glass, not mirror glass. In other words, you want to be able to see through the glass and yet see yourself reflected in it.

The Room With a View renders last week were really inspiring, but there's no glass in them thar windows. I was more interested in shadows and reflections in the floor, at the time.

Here, it's all about mapping: diffuse, displacement, reflection, opacity. Everything in this scene is drooling color and texture, and the best part is, I did all the textures and maps myself, and designed the model to boot. Sorry guys, you can't buy this character anywhere ... this is Mildred, cousin to Agatha, Winifred and Hortense, my other Victoria 4 characters. I haven't bought a character in almost a year -- it's too much fun to create them, and you can save them as "character presets," and load 'em up next time you need them.

The background, outside, is a Bryce landscape I did a month or so ago. The only props are the window, from DM's Fantasy Visions, and the bikini which actually ships with the free version of DAZ, to get you started, and Neftis's Rock Star hair. Then the fun began. Everything was changed for new textures, down to the lipstick and nail polish.

Then ... glass in the window. See through it, see yourself reflected in it. Nice effect. I wish I had time (and brain cells) to tell how, but that'll have to wait till tomorrow. Migraines don't make for much coherence!

Join me soon ... we're going to see more of Mildred -- a lot more -- on the Exotic blog, when we'll convince the costume to blow away in a sudden gale, or else mysteriously turn transparent. Hey, she's a model, she's used to this stuff. Right?

Jade, 29 October
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