Saturday, October 30, 2010

All dressed an and waiting for the bus ... Happy Post 400!

What do you do for Post 400? The words "party, party" leap to mind. Or, a 3D party for the 3D "digitoids" at least. (I didn't coin that phrase -- wish I did! Mel Keegan thought of that one, back in Deep Sky. What a perfect term for digital actors. Digitoids.)

So they're all dressed to kill (or do I mean, undressed to kill?) and it's a warm evening (gazooks, it had better be), so they go out and stand waiting for the bus.

Twenty minutes later, and it still hasn't arrived. She says, ""you know, I think we missed that bus. When's the next one?"

He says, "Next Tuesday. Maybe we should try something a bit more enterprising."

"Like what?"

"Like, maybe you should stand in the road and stick out your thumb."

"Well, why don't you stand in the road, she demands, "and stick your thumb out? Or at least stick something out."

"Listen, Elspeth," he says, getting hot under the collar (which is a good trick, because it barely exists), "you've got more equipment for sticking out than have, so go put it to good use!"

"Phooey, Egbert," she says, sulking. "I'm not about to make an exhibition of myself."

*Well,* he thinks, *there's no answer to that.*

Fortunately the bus arrived in the nick of time before Egbert and Elspeth could resort to bare knuckles, since bare everything else didn't seem to be working.


Here's the full tutorial explaining how to do this stuff with the costumes...!

Jade, 30 October
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