Friday, October 1, 2010

Caribbean nights

Welcome to the Caribbean ... romance on a warm evening, when the sea is calm and
the water is translucent ... *sigh.* Makes you want to call and book the plane tickets, doesn't it?

It's the water effects that really set off these shots. You might think that sea is a backdrop. Nope. Did it myself. You might also be thinking, "Yeah, that had to be done in Bryce." Nope. "You can't do that in DAZ." Oooooh, yes you can. "Okay, then, it has to be done in the Advanced Studio, the ordinary free version of DAZ won't do it." Oooooh, yes it will.

There's about equal numbers of visitors looking at this blog to see beautiful pictures, and to work out how to make them. I used to do quite a few tutorials, and I confess, lately I haven't had the time. Let's fix that.

Water effects. How to MAKE the ocean right there in DAZ. No props to import, nothing to buy. Just a bunch of settings and effects that are applied in the Surfaces tab. Come back tomorrow, guys, and I'll tell you how to do it. For now ... enjoy the images, because he sure is a beauty.

Jade, 1 October
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