Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rhapsody in blue: lighting Jesse

Two posts for the price of one, today ... but the main renders are on the other blog because -- as promised -- they feature Jesse Lawrence in all his considerable glory! A couple of days ago I did a series of renders which adopted a compromise. I put him in a skinsuit ... smart fabric that changes color and opacity at whim.

And I know you're just dying to see the real deal, so as soon as I finish with this post I'll upload the other real, genuine male nude renders. (Update: done! Link below...) But in the meantime...

I invite you to click on the top shot in this post -- the raytraced one. Woooooh! I don't often raytrace images because even with a fast computer it takes a loooong time. That one render took 38 minutes, before which lighting this scene properly was a challenge even after the "costume" was designed.

Here's the shot with default lights -- in other words, no lights at all:

The model is displayed in every nuance, but it's not realistic. No shadows, and no nighttime colors. So you set the night colors...

...and lose the integrity of the model. Click on the above, see it close to full-size. I've made notes on it, and you'll also see what I mean about the integrity of the model going down the tubes. It's a long haul to get it back:

...but at last, here you are, and ready for a final render. And this one, below, has such an "ouch!" factor, I thought I'd invest a loooong time in raytracing it.

Compare the raytraced one (top) with the deep shadow map render. The realism of the raytraced shot is astonishing. Are you a-drool yet? Wanna see the whole deal?! Here's the link -- and here's the caveat: NOODITY ALERT!!!!!! Nuff said, why are you still on this page?!

UPDATE: there's more! Check this out:

Same noodity applies here to, and here's the link: All dressed up ... if you want to call it that!
Join me on this post here: The M4 Bodysuit: now you see it, now you don't -- where I explain tell how the costumes were done... Cute. Very cute.

Here's the other item I want to show you today:

Way back in March of 2010 I had some major computer problems, and am still discovering data loss. I just found out that a body of artwork going back five years has been lost. I had to do a bunch of new covers to replace old art which doesn't even exist anymore. This is one of them.

Now, to upload the other renders to the other blog...!

Jade, 13 October
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