Monday, October 4, 2010

Creating characters ... faces, races, and Bill Dupre!

Character creation in DAZ 3D ...! You know what DAZ's Michael 4 looks like, right out of the box, right? 23 years old, and a cross between Sam Worthington and a very. very young David Beckham. So, you load up Michael 4 and start playing with the Morphs++, and you wind up with ...

Colonel William "Bill" Dupre, the head honcho at NARC Sector Command, Darwin's World. Yep, you got it -- Jarrat's and Stone's boss.

And I am sooooo pleased with this one. Check out the detail in closeup:

Designed from scratch, from the ground up, that face. He's wearing the Zareb skinmap, and the "slick back" hair from the JM Alexandre character, but that face is allllll mine. Mel Keegan gave it the stamp of approval in an instant, so this is Bill Dupre. He's a Barbadian, in the twenty-fourth century, a long, long way from Barbados. Next on the NARC agenda: Yvette McKinnen, and I think I already have Gene Cantrell. This is cooler than cool! NARC is coming to life before you, and I'm lovin' it.

Jade, 4 October
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