Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Last of the Bond Girls. After this, there is no more Bond...

Just one image today ... because it took a looooong time to get this. Above is the outtake at 1:1 size, and below is the full image:

Later that evening as Mr. Bond was taken away on a stretcher he was heard to say, "I'm getting too old for this crap." Meanwhile, Ms. Galore, when interviewed by the Hong Kong CID said, "He went for his gun. Well, he went for something. I guess I was just quicker on the draw."

Seriously, though ... this is all about ix and match props, reflections, opacity maps, displacement maps, and raytracing.

What's entailed:
Victoria 4.2
Body morphs designed especially for this
Witch Hazel Top
AK Bikini bottom
Moonsone strappy slippers
R Publishing Evening Heels
Gun and holster from LM Shadow Dancer
Neftis Naome hair set to blond
Yanna skinmap
Eyes Have It -- bright green eyes
Floor from Old Patio
F612 sports car
2D image of Hong Kong night skyline
6 lights, with 3 shadows set to raytrace

...first thing you do is change out every texture in every piece of the costume. I put on a tropical blue-green diffuse map -- actually made from an image of the summer sea! Then I used a patterned opacity map, and also set this as the displacement map. I also set up a lipstick color by changing the diffuse and displacement maps on the lips. Also, I changed the color of the finger nails and toenails to blood scarlet.

Then the fun began with the lights. There are six to get this effect: two white, a beige, a dark green, two bronze. The magic happens when the reflectivity of the floor and the car and cranked way up. It's a great effect --

The only downside is that this took a long, long time! So, only one image today.

Meanwhile, as always, Abraxas is updated, and this will take you to the beginning of today's installment. I didn't get much done today ... thundery weather, migraine headache well into its second day. Such fun. But I did sit down and script out the next chapter. Having a script to work from makes it so much easier, and it's amazing how much the script looks like a movie script!

That's all for today ... got to go take a couple of pills!

Jade, 7 December
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