Friday, December 31, 2010

Green alien beauty in glued-on tinfoil bikini ... Happy New Year!

Imagine if Jane Russell were cast in John Carter of Mars, opposite Charlton Heston -- or better yet, Michael Rennie ...

Yes, I know, I lost you on paragraph one. Just me having a Golden Age of Science Fiction fantasy. A massive motion picture, from the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs, made in the twilight of Hollywood's golden age ... you know, Ben Hur, and James Dean, and all those actors and movies your mother -- or maybe your grandmom! raves on about. Of course, it never happened -- the biggest SF movies in the 1950s were Forbidden Planet and The Day the Earth Stood Still, and in fact Forbidden Planet could use a remake. The Day... had quite a good remake a few years ago, with Keanu Reeves. (I did hear something about the rights to Forbidden... having been bought by someone influential, but that was years ago now, and nothing was ever done about it. Now, who was it who bought the remake rights?!)

Anyway --

Green Alien Beauty in Tinfoil Bikini attached with Glue. See the close-up at large size, and check out the snake eyes! This is such a cool character. Loads of stories leap into your mind as you look at these images.

They all started with a weird digital painting for the sky ... many of you will be wanting to know how the heck this was done -- either the digital sky, or else how did I turn the model green and have it come out fully realistic? Did I do it by changing parameters int he Surfaces tab? Nope. I converted a skinmap -- it's not even difficult.

I don't have the brain cells to talk you through how to do this today, but I'll come back tomorrow and all will be revealed, so if you're curious, join me then!

New Year's resolutions? Ohhhh, to get my health fixed, somehow. To figure out the nuances of exactly how the Deformers and camera settings work in DAZ, finally, once and for all -- because I keep thinking I've nailed it, and then something goes askew and I'm going, hmmmm. To wrap my head around Bryce properly! To catch up with some jobs that have been hanging fire for way too long, because I haven't been well enough to see them properly, let alone tackle them (hi guys! You all know who you are!) ...

Happy New Year, 2011, people!

Join me tomorrow, and we'll look at how to turn Michael and Victoria any shade of any color you want them to be by converting a skinmap. Any skinmap you fancy. I'll even explain how to make the tinfoil bikini, and we'll see if we can persuade Michael 4 to glue it somewhere strategic!

Jade, 1 January
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