Sunday, December 12, 2010

The squire becomes the knight: Powerage's 3D fantasy armor

Now, there's something mildly spectacular! If you've been with me for some time, you'll remember this guy:

The squire who became a man-at-arms:

And now he presents himself to his elders and superiors once more... receive his armor:

The sales are racing through the 3D models markets like chickenpox. People are offering their wares at up to 80% off -- one images, in a desperate attempt to move virtual stock off the virtual shelves. It can only mean that people are not buying -- and I can confirm this, from the other side of the business. As many visitors will know, DreamCraft publishes books as well as providing web services, graphic art, PDF creation, book design, that sort of thing. Well, it's no surprise and no secret that sales are waaaay down, right across the board, in the world of ebooks and paperbacks, so I'm not at all surprised that you can get terrific 3D models at a fraction of their usual prices. In fact, some of these models are selling for 20c on the dollar ... the designers are "taking a bath" in order to get sales.

This morning, I picked up something like a hundred bucks' worth of props and sets -- for $23. And it's very true that the only reason Renderosity persuaded me to open my wallet and give the moths a breath of air was a sale you just couldn't pass by!

One of the things I got was Powerage's Supreme Armor, and I'm impressed. It's a pleasure to work with -- in fact, all of Powerage's models are absolutely top-notch and trouble free. Soon as I looked at this costume, I remembered the squire who became the man-at-arms ... and I still have the old files. Was able to open them and hang the new costume on the old character -- which is cool, because it has to be six months since I worked with that model. In fact, it's eight. I just looked at the properties on one of the original renders: April 20. Time flies!

Also today, I did another Jarrat and Stone promo shoot. The idea is, NARC is a major motion picture, and the company called the actors into the studio for the shots for the publicity campaign. These were the portrait shots. Whoa. This is the second "promo" series I've done for Jarrat and Stone, and I still need a lot more. I've been thinking about a "glamor" shoot, too... Hmmm. Food for thought.

Jade, 13 December
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