Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Michael 4 turned to stone ... and it's a lovely day to fly

Just touching base here, with a couple of interesting images. Nothing major, because my health is no good -- I don't have the brain cells to do anything major. Don't ask. Honestly, you don't wanna know. You'll sleep better if you don't!

In the top shots, DAZ's Michael 4 has had all his skinmaps and textures changed for stone. Turns him into a lovely statue. There's a story goes with this -- could be chilling or romantic, depending on the telling, and I'll get to it another time. Not tonight ... there's a pillow with my name on it, waiting for me right now...!

The bottom shots are more NARC renders, intended for the new website. These shots depict The NARC-Athena's shuttle pilot (also in line of command right behind Petrov), standing with his aircraft on the NARC Air Park, on top of the NARC building, forty levels above the streets of the city of Venice, Darwin's World.

Notice the plane is not standing on landing gear. Riding a repulsion field ... this is the twenty-fourth century. Gable is more than likely waiting for Jarrat and/or Stone, and their next stop will be the carrier, parked in orbit over Venice. That's a Bryce background, everything in these shots is digital, right down to the sky.

And now ... bed, before I hit the keyboard face-first!

Jade, 15 December
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