Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Solstice ... plus Jarrat and Eve, AG and Johnny. Hunh?!

Just a very quick post today, because this computer is in the middle of having brain surgery performed on it. It went whacko late this morning, and you get that certain sinking feeling, "Oh, don't say I'm going to be out another thousand bucks..." But Dave reckons some judicious brain surgery will sort it out. And I might take it into the shop, in the new year, and see if I can double the RAM -- if the motherboard will take 8Gb, that would cure a lot of maladies.

Anyway, quickly, before the system goes back to being worked on...

Above: Solstice, in honor of the day. It's the solstice of summer here. This one was raytraced -- the render took about six hours!

Below: Jarrat and Eve Lang, three shots of the two of them in Bally during that time in Death's Head when Stone was combing the planet for him, and Jarrat couldn't remember his own name. Not that you could blame him. You get so beat up, they leave you for dead, and see how you feel! The top one is a raytraced re-render of the bottom one. What a difference it makes. Just takes too long to do them all that way.

Last words here: I want to thank Aricia for cross-pollinating with me! She asked me to write a segment for her blog (Aricia's Album ... fantastic celebrity gossip blog -- have you been missing it??), and I was glad to oblige. The challenge was, "as an artist, explain how the human face ages." O...kay. That was easy. Any artist could tell you! The question was, "Why?"

Well, apparently here's why: The Panic about Johnny Depp's Face. Uh ... okay. The man's three years short of the Big Five-Oh, therefore he don't look like no hollow-cheeked, hungry-eyed kid. Does he have to? I'm the same age, folks, and to me he looks, uh, great. Turns out there's teenies and weenies who don't agree and -- oh, what the heck, read AG's post! My turn to cross-pollinate. Honestly, it must be a trick of your eyes when you get to the Big-Five-Whatever, because I'm looking at the poor man and going "yummmm..." Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this the first time in his life he's had the chance to play the suave, impeccably-groomed, well-dressed international businessman in the three-piece suit type?!

Now, back to the brain suergery...

Jade, 21 December (Solstice of Summer)
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