Sunday, February 13, 2011

The barbarian swordsman

New toys from Renderosity -- that pair of boots! It's the Euros boots, which go along with a costume of the same name, but today I wanted to play with the boots specifically. And I ran out of time, as usual. There were supposed to be at least four renders, and I actually managed two before work caught up with me. Panic stations complete with blue lights ... all fixed now, but it soaked up the extra hour or so I was supposed to have for art on Sunday afternoon.

And if there was one thing in this life I regret the most, it's actually the fact that one spends so much time working that there's little left over for the creative things! While waiting for my downloads I was on one of the artist galleries at Renderosity, drooling over the work of an artist from Germany who's one of the best I've ever seen anywhere, working in Terragen 2 and Vue. And one of the vast differences between her and myself, quite aside from the difference in artistic vision, is that not only does she have the computer power to run programs I can only dream of, but she also has the time to spend on her art. More than anything, lately, it's the time I long for the most.

Anyway --!

Here's the Barbarian swordsman, and what started out as a project about a new pair of boots took a sharp left turn! After these renders, you were going to see him in closeup with the boots beautifully lit and so forth. But I very soon realized it wasn't going to happen today, so --

Barbarian swordsman today. Boots tomorrow!

The background is a revamp of a Bryce sky I did for a commission piece a few months ago. This was both darkened and resaturated, then sunrays were painted in, and flights of birds. This was then used as a backdrop for a complex set -- it's actually two sets nested together, the Mirador and the Fantasy Musings. Then, add Michael 4 and the HZ Victor skinmap, the Spartacos hair, Merlin's katana, the undies from the Wood God costume (with new texture) and ... the boots. Then add braziers and torches (all props from various sets by DM), and go to work with lights and reflectivity. Finally, ship each whole render out to GIMP to have the flames retouched and the smoke added in.

I particularly like the reflections on the sword blade, which you can see in the top shot, but you really can't see the boots. And believe me, you want to see the boots, so --

Join me tomorrow for a "barbarian glamour shoot!"

Jade, 13 February
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