Saturday, February 26, 2011

The NARC armor: second look

Just a few new images today, because these took a looooong time to render, and they're not even raytraced. I've been trying to get the time since Christmas to get back into the NARC armor design and add a helmet...

You might remember this:
...which was the armor sans helmet. It's put together from loads of bits and pieces borrowed from other costumes -- based on the M4 Bodysuit, and then adding pieces from Cyberpunk and
even a couple of bits of Stormtrooper armor (meaning Tatooine 3000AD, not Berlin 1943). But it needed a helmet.

A while ago I lucked out with something called the Sedition Solider, which was band new from a designer called Mestophales (not to be confused with Mephistopheles, one imagines), and the helmet is 80% right. In other words, I can get renders that are close enough to correct to be able to finish them off with some post-work. Painting. These renders today don't have any post stuff done to them. They're just as she comes. What I've done is to change the textures on the model to the ones which match the rest of the armor...

It would take a bit of painting to get the design spot-on the descriptions Mel Keegan gives in the novels, but right now there I don't have the opportunity to do that work, and as it is, that's a hell of a nice helmet!

While I'm here, I'm going to upload a couple of the "publicity stills" I did a while ago ... I'm pretty sure these have ever been uploaded. If I'm repeating myself -- sorry!

Rafts of art have been, and are being, produced behind the scenes for the new NARC website, which is due out at mid-year. to coincide with the release of all five books at Kindle, and as a celebration of (get this!) NARC's Twentieth Anniversary. Good gods, can it be that long? Yep. 1991 to 2011. Scary stuff.

Jade, 26 February
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