Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Skin maps, green acorns and spider bites!

Taking a new skinmap for a test drive today. This is the Jerome skinmap, but not the Jerome face. The actual Jerome character is very African-American, which is grand, but I wanted to design a character who looked more Melanesian, or Micronesian, with something of the Indigenous Australian. No reason -- just because. This character is very South Pacific -- as clearly distinct from Polynesian. It's a challenge, and a lot of fun, working with different "faces and races."

But the skinmap it all started with is Jerome, and I have to give full marks, ten out of ten, to the designer, Tosca. This is a gorgeous skinmap -- I don't think I've ever seen a more realistic, higher rez map, and that includes the Elite map I have (Lee -- you know it on Achilles, Neil Travers and also the Chinese boy with the dragon -- remember him? I reember telling a cute litte story with those pictures. Now, where's that post? Hmmm...).

The eyes were changed for the light brown eyes from The Eyes Have It, and the hair is Mon Chevalier set to very dark brown, and the result is lovely. This skinmap is from DAZ, and I got it on sale a couple of months ago ... this is the first chance I've had to experiment with it. Between my health, which has been lousy, and work, which has been ballistic, the last few months have just raced by --

Add to which, I got a spider bite a few days ago -- !! Now, that made life interesting for a while! How did I get a spider bite? Standing under an English oak tree, photographing green acorns. The critter must have been blown down, landed on me, and about one tenth of a second before it died as I brushed it off without even seeing it, which could only have killed it because it was a tiny one, it bit me. Yeeouch! We're talking serious pain here. And the pictures?

There you go, green acorns on an English oak tree. I now know there's nasty little spiders that live in those trees, so don't stand under them in windy weather, with bare arms! David Attenborough, where are you when we need you?

Jade, 16 February
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