Monday, February 11, 2019

The mage's pet. So cute!

The Mage's Pet ... too cute. Like a puppy, with his legs going in every direction and sooo pleased with himself for being able to breathe smoke! (Little does he know, the mage is spinning a little magic to help). Very pleased with this one: the super-fine focus took a lot of wrangling, and there's loads of throwaway detail, like the mage's hairy forearm, and the reflection on the watch bezel and in the glasses. Neat.

Also today ... an outing in Bryce 7 Pro: Arctic Shore:

That's actually no too bad at all, even if you view it at large size. Now, I won't claim to have designed the Bryce textures! I'd clean forgotten that about seven years ago I bought a grab-bag of David Brinnen's Pro textures -- stumbled over them today, and that's where these come from. But I did hand-paint the map from which this terrain was built:

Help yourself -- you're welcome. Apply this "map" to a new terrain, and you'll get the pretty good landscape form you see there. Also another digital watercolor:

...with an oil paper texture stripped in on the top layer. Dave and I took a couple of hours to picnic at a fantastic place called Rocky Paddock, at Mt. Crawford Forest, yesterday ... and the pictures are, alas, awful. It was very dim, and my camera is damaged enough that it couldn't make heads or tails of the lightning conditions. Everything is out of focus and/or blurry, and/or mushy. The camera utterly demands bright light to work properly now, and we didn't have it yesterday. *Sigh*

If you want to have a muck about yourself in Photoshop or Krita, be my guest -- here's the garbage source photo from which the digital watercolor was worked:

Must go back there when the weather is brighter, and do this shoot again. (Must get a new camera, come to that. This one is as good as dead.)

Lastly for today, am screen testing a new character, with  a costume I'd forgotten I had:

The reason I always forget about this costume is that it's hidden away among a lot of SF sets and props ... and to get it to work properly in DAZ Studio is a bear. It's configured for Poser, I guess, and in DAZ it's a lot of work to get it to look good. Also, I added the texture to the fabrics myself; the original bump map on the product is very flat, leaving the tunic and pants looking way more like plastic than fabric. That's an easy fix: five minutes in Photoshop to make a new texture. Then render it up and pass the big raytrace back into Photoshop to have all the highlights and reflections painted in on the armor. Not bad. I can work with this.
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