Sunday, February 3, 2019

Two vampires meet in the tavern at the Gateway, beyond which lie those Misty Mountains ...

Amadeus meets his cousin, the rogue Dimitri, who only knows how to get into all kinds of trouble. You can just see him saying, "But I didn't do anything! I just, well, you know, supped of a little blood here and there, as one does when one comes across ... appetizing peasants." Leaving Amadeus (yet again, presumably) to sort this one out.

They've met in a tavern by the gate beyond which likes the Misty Mountains (nudge, wink) ...

Bryce 7 Pro, of course...
Actually, I did this picture first. I was trying to jog my memory as to how to get a model (OBJ) into Bryce 7 Pro. Then I remembered: ah! You load it into DAZ Studio and click on "second to Bryce," and it opens Bryce and loads the model automatically. Yep, now I recall.

And I liked the landscape so much, I went back in, took out the gateway, put in a foregroud landscape and re-rendered it:

Bryce 7 Pro: Alpenglow
Okay, okay, it was finished in Photoshop, but 90% of it was done in Bryce, with proper lights and so forth. It's not quite right, not yet; but I'm getting there. Slowly. Give me strength. [rolls eyes]

Alpenglow is that half hour right after sunset in the Arctic, when the  mountains go ... pink. Seriously! I've seen it. I've photographed it ... standing right in the middle of Jewel Lake Road, Anchorage, AK, at 11:55 at night while the Chugach Mountains lit up a wondrous shade of rose. Fond memories. I need to run the scanner again, digitize some more of my Alaska pictures! You don't get the same effect before dawn...

Speaking of dawn: more of the 2017 Dawn Photography shots, as promised:

These were photographed from the backyard right here ... a fire in the sky, February two years ago.

And lastly for today, a couple more Amberlight images:

Tomorrow, I think I'll go back to the new Amadeus, and do at least one more scene with him before ... hmm. I don't know what, not yet. It'll come to me. One thing about being disabled: time is on your hands, which for me is something that hasn't happened in years! Might do some SF next.
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