Saturday, February 2, 2019

The vampire's screen test ... Amberlight designs ... dawn shots ... and a digital watercolor

Screen test ... Amadeus, take two! Now, this, I can work with! The nips, tucks and tweaks are actually quite subtle, but the make the face more real:

Also, the lad's had a haircut: it was overdue. The old, old wigs just don't render up too well: now, when you're applying dark colors to them, it hardly matters because you don't see the OBJ model, just the color. (The last time I bought 3D models was 2014; I need to upgrade my desktop before I can back into acquisition.) But --

Amadeus's most astonishing characteristic was always his "Gandalf the White" hair. As he aged through a thousand years, as an immortal vampire, the only thing that changed about him was that his hair went white. So the hunt was on to find a 3D wig that would render up okay and be white! I was down to just two choices left by the time I changed to this one, the Aksaste Hair (which might have come from Renderosity or the DAZ marketplace, I honestly don't remember.

Okay: Amadeus is done! He looks great, and he can meet his cousin Dimitri, uh, tomorrow.

For now...

A digital watercolor: The Murray Mouth -- with textured art paper stripped in for effect...

Neat, eh? (If anyone is interested, let me know, and I'll tell you you to do this. It ain't rocket science. It's just so much Photoshop jiggery-pokery).

Also, been working some more in Amberlight...

...there's oodles more, but I'll just upload a few at a time, because you really do get your "goggle factor" burned out if you get hit with too many at once! So, let's have a change of pace.

Been sorting images, a long, long overdue task. Got the best of my 2017 Dawn Photography squared away, and I think of this as "art in the sky, by Mother Nature" so I'll include a few here now and then. Here we go:

...and again, there's oodles more. Just a few at a time, or to quote Bruce Lee, "You will miss all the heavenly glory" by having your "goggle circuits" burned out!

Tomorrow: Amadeus and Dimitri! (If anyone is wondering, yes, I'm doing a lot of art these days. Why? I'm disabled now. Temporarily, I hope, but there are no hard guarantees. I haven't walked properly in a year and don't expect to for another year at the minimum. It's very depressing, and artwork takes my mind of it. So -- yep, art by the carton ... enjoy!)
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