Thursday, June 23, 2011

Art for its own sake ... male nudes -- CG art imitating life

For ages I've wanted to do some simple, simple shots ... not "simple" as in, "slap something together and call it good," but in the sense of art for its own sake. Ars gratis artis. Pardon the Latin. Here's my chance -- art that's mostly for its own sake.

These male nudes are the kind of model shoot you'd be doing if you got some young hunk into the studio, set up a corner of your space with drapes, a carpet, an amphora, a plant, and a half dozen lights. Then you play the game of "101 ways to pose a naked guy so his dingletwang doesn't show!"

This is actually the same model you saw posing with his jeans on in the backstreet a week or two ago. The hair has been changed to a rich blond, but the rest of the lad remains the same. Except that he appears to have been bribed with beers, burgers and tickets to the game to lose the jeans and the boots!

The drapes are not actually drapes. I used two iterations of the M4 hooded cloak! The carpet isn't really a carpet. It's a texture slapped on a floor prop, with a displacement map added to give it a "pile." Assorted props and the lights, and you're in business. The hairdo is the Akasta hair, and the skinmap is GA Matthias.

Incidentally, I uploaded these at 800x1000 pixels, so they'll make nice pinups, if you want to download and print out! Enjoy.

Back soon, with more from Hellgate, which is very much on my mind because we're in the very final stages of prepping to publish. Whoooo!

Jade, 23 June
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